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Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals


When you are in the process of restructuring your finances, it is important that you understand the rights of creditors, debtors, and other affected parties. Declaring a bankruptcy or insolvency does not mean that creditors do not get paid, or that a debtor's obligations will be waived. 

Financial litigation is a complex and time sensitive process, which comes with specific deadlines for protecting your rights and making claims.

Leena Kumar has extensive experience in  Bankruptcy Court and with the Commercial List. Our firm has acted on behalf of businesses, equipment lessors, tenants, transportation companies, and individuals facing personal financial issues regarding their rights under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, and other relevant legislation.

We are here to support you in developing a successful and cost effective result for our clients - whether you are looking to recover funds as a creditor, or consolidate debt into a straightforward consumer proposal. 

Contact either Ms. Leena Kumar or Ms. Fatima Qamar today by calling our office at 905.673.0185.


Leena L Kumar

B.A., L.L.B., B.A.L.

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