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Family Law

Both Ms. Leena L. Kumar and Ms. Jennifer K. Eensild accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates for Family Law matters.


The breakdown of a relationship is always a difficult time. It is easy to feel lost and uncertain about your next steps - and we understand that the prospect of going to Court may be frightening and confusing. We take a client focused approach with the goal of settling matters amicably when possible, and litigating aggressively when necessary. 

Our team of family lawyers is compassionate and empathetic. We will work to understand and support your goals through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or Court proceedings. We also provide legal services in a variety of languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu.

VK Law Group is committed to supporting diverse families through the family law process - whether you are navigating the end of a common law relationship or lengthy marriage, concerned about splitting assets, or worried about child custody, access, and child support. 

You may have worries about returning to the workforce after a long absence, or ensuring that your children's college fund is provided for - we will do our best to help you navigate these emotionally intense and very personal matters.


Leena L Kumar

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Family Law and Domestic Violence

Leaving a relationship where you have experienced family violence can be frightening. Contact us directly or click here for emergency safety plans and exit planning related resources. We will always handle your matter with the utmost discretion and your safety in mind.

We understand that finances may be on your mind when leaving a relationship - especially if you do not have control over your own finances and have experienced abuse. If you are concerned about the cost of a lawyer, we can help.


Both Ms. Leena Kumar and Ms. Jennifer Eensild accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates for family matters. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, we offer limited scope retainers and payment plans and will work with you to find options best suiting your needs.

To learn more about our Legal Aid Services, please click here. 

Domestic Violece
Custody & Access

Custody and Access


When leaving a relationship where children are involved, our first concern is their safety, stability, and mental health. Where co-parenting is possible, we will help you implement joint custody and shared parenting plans to support your kids as they grow and their needs change. 

If sharing custody is not an option, we will provide the Court with appropriate ways to manage your new family situation in ways that support your children's  best interests, while keeping them away from adult issues as much as possible.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling custody and access matters where there may be concerns about domestic violence, substance abuse, or safety issues with one parent. 

Division of Property & Spousal Support

Division of Property & Spousal Support


Throughout your relationship, you and your former partner may have supported each other or accumulated money and property that now needs to be divided - and you may have signed a pre-nuptial agreement or domestic contract that needs to be reviewed. 

Our office has experience with high-net separation issues, including those where international property, ownership of businesses, or significant estates may be a concern. 

Depending on your financial situation, you may also be entitled to spousal support if your partner was the higher earner or you stayed home to care for family. Call us now to speak to a lawyer who can help you evaluate and preserve your rights to property and support. 

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