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Criminal Defence

Jennifer K. Eensild accepts Legal Aid Ontario certificates for criminal law matters.


Being charged with a criminal offence can be frightening and isolating. The criminal justice system is intimidating and confusing, and dealing with police, the prosecution, and other members of law enforcement must be handled carefully and correctly from the beginning of your case.

Our firm is committed to vigorously representing all defence clients in order to obtain the fairest and best possible outcome for your matter. 

This may involve multiple appearances in Court on your behalf and many discussions with Crown Prosecutors and Judges. 

Arjun Vishwanth has a decade of experience in criminal law practice, and has mentored Jennifer Eensild since her start with the firm in 2018. 

We represent clients in a wide variety of matters, including driving and Highway Traffic Act offences, theft and property claims, violent offences, appeals, criminal harassment and misdemeanor charges, young offenders and youth criminal defence, and bail hearings.

Our office is conveniently located within a block of Peel Regional Police 22 Division and directly behind the Brampton Courthouse located on Hurontario Street, and within a 20 minute drive of Maplehurst Correctional Complex and the Milton Courthouse. We are located 30 minutes from the Orangeville Courthouse and frequently handle matters in Dufferin County. 

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Arjun Vishwanth

B.A., J.D., Esq.

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Motor Vehicle Offences

Being charged with a driving offence is serious. Whether you have been charged under the Criminal Code of Canada or the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, consequences can range from significant fines and license suspension to incarceration. The impact of a conviction on a motor vehicle offence may last a lifetime.

Our firm recognizes the importance of vigorously defending charges of careless or stunt driving and impaired driving, which carry fines of thousands of dollars and significant imprisonment terms on conviction - and may lead to a criminal record.

We can provide assistance whether this is your first offence or you have a prior record of driving issues. Our lawyers will be treat you with respect, empathy and candor while providing you with practical legal solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Motor Vehicle Offences
Theft & Property Crime

Theft and Property Crime

Being convicted of a theft or property crime offence can have a serious impact on your life going forward. It is likely to significantly restrict immigration and travel opportunities, and will likely limit the potential for future employment or advancement. 

Our office regularly handles matters including but not limited to:

  • Shoplifting and theft under $5,000

  • Robbery and armed robbery

  • Possession of stolen property

  • Identity theft, fraud, and forgery

  • Fraud and financial charges

  • White collar crime

  • Mischief

  • Breaking and entering

Violent Offences

Violent Offences

We understand the devastating impact of being charged with a violent offence. These are the most serious, and a conviction can carry permanent consequences to your future and your freedom, including extended periods of incarceration and criminal records.

Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients' rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and ensuring that we are vigilant in maintaining procedural fairness. 

These matters are taken very seriously by our firm, and each case is given the priority and individual attention it deserves. Our lawyers will take the time to answer your questions and hear your concerns. We will address your matter with honesty and practicality, ensuring that all options are presented to you.

We do not hesitate to retain subject matter experts where necessary, to advise the Court on matters of mental health, expert evidence, and medical evidence to ensure no stone is left un-turned.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid

Hiring a lawyer can be costly, and a loss of employment may occur in conjunction with criminal charges. Depending on financial eligibility, Legal Aid Ontario provides assistance in hiring counsel to represent you.


Jennifer Eensild is empaneled to accept Legal Aid Ontario for criminal matters. 

Contact us directly for more information about connecting with Legal Aid Ontario, or click here for more information.

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